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We can convert your analog (VHS, Video-8, Hi-8) tapes, or your Mini-DV/Digital-8 tapes to DVD-R or to MP4 files on a USB memory stick. We do not have the equipment to handle Beta tapes.

If you want a direct transfer with no editing, the cost is $20 for each hour or part thereof, and $15 for each additional hour. Up to 2 hours can be stored on one DVD.

NOTE: any additional tapes, re-ordering of sequences already on the tape for any one DVD will attract an extra fee of $5.00 per change. 

If your tape is mouldy, we can almost always clean it completely. This costs $15 per tape, as it requires complete disassembly of the tape casing. We can splice broken tapes for the same cost.

If the videos require any editing, it is best to contact us, and we can discuss options to minimise your costs.